Sunday, November 21, 2010

startup weekend 20 pitches @inTourage @muffinbuster @p0werpack #daily notes

100 people, 60 ideas, 20 realized projects.
what an awesome concept and so much energy and creativity in one weekend.
Here are the finalists and my votes out of 4 points, > 2 I would
probably invest: 1/4
crowdsource game
@manBadges 2/4
sticker collector iphone app
@chefit 1/4
dating portal for restaurants and chefs
@getToClose 1/4
sell more with analyzing the personality of your target
@whoImetLastNight 2/4
iphone app to tag contacts with events
@inTourage 3/4
if all go, I will go too
groupon for private event organization, like friendfund + plancast
@caroob 2/4
video interview library
the logo gets a 4/4 ;)
@wham 1/4
women health and mobile
sms social network to organize help in 3rd world
@crowdmarket 2/4
sms based marketplace for underdeveloped countries
@theCollegeGap 2/4
microdonations for students
@medWriterMobile 1/4
mobile notebook for doctors in hospitals
- whats news?
@mugify ? 2/4
community for home cooking
- how can I buy it?
@eventus 1/4
another plancast
@shopicient 2/4
keep an eye on what you buy
uses your confirmation emails
@justOneThing 1/4
simple task list for iphone
@p0werpack 3/4
better hiring in groups
work with your friends to get a better deal.
#disruptive #globumbus
#a sign in up founders
@funcompass 1/4
travel guide
@muffinbuster 3/4
exercise you need to do per food
ask yourself: is it worth it to eat?
#a tell them about withings and fitbit + google health
@fundraiser7 1/4
ticketing event fundraising solution
@adsuggestions 2/4
keyword generation tool for adsense and bing
@martiniyellow 2/4
cab sharing service

#tools they used presentation tool
piryx fundraising solution
rememberTheMilk - tasklist

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