Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Incubate 2.0 summary #daily notes #globumbus

#HP launches his startup incubator "startup central"

#panel - global entrepreneur networks
@youNoodle - marketplace to discuss new ideas and predict the
potential success @rebecaHwang
@cofounderNetwork global incubator @fadiBishara
@founderSpace - advise for founders @steveHoffman
@entrepreneurCommons miami chapter - advise
@globalTechBridge - support founders in latin america
Discussing about, why they care about entrepreneurs.
Recommendations to entrepreneurs:
- learn from the best
- open up, let other people help you
- never give up
- network to do the right things

#panel - entrepreneur programs
@udemy @gaganBiyani
@startupweekend @kevinBraithwait
@urbanRoots @bokuKodama
@sparkseed @mikeDelPonte
@syracuseUniversity @shayColson
Go to the gym early in the morning to network with the decision maker.
#social media change
@igniter michael Lewkowitz founder epic institute
Nobody is doing well on paychecks
What type of platforms help us to transform the way we innovate? -
let's get naked

#panel - new knowledge, new media
Basecamp, plancast,
linkedin, fb, twitter,

#panel - new funding (robert scoble)
@indiegogo (non profit)
@jennyKassan - top legal expert on crowdfunding
Cost are dropping, angel incubators are growing.
Are we in a angel bubble?
Angelsoft 0 gets used in 60 countries
Indiegogo 139 countries

#panel - new incubators
@IOventures incubator mission disctrict @paulBraigiel
@parisoma coworking space sonoma @clementAlteresco
@quickstart global incubator for globalization in 30 countries @kaushalChokshi

#panel - new models to support entrepreneurs

- autor of "small giants" companies chosen to be great insted of big. - community
#Mojo quality criterias:
Now what you want
Deep routes into your community
Personal connections to your customers
Employees come before customers
Solid business model with strong margin
Owners are passioned about their business


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