Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Angelpad demoday 8 pitches #daily notes

Congratulations to Thomas Korte for the first demoday of angelpad.
Nice pitches and interesting companies.

Here are my votes: 3/4
Aggregates the most important parts of an website to rdeuce, like a
pagerank within a page
#crowdsourcing love it

@hugenergy 2/4
Web app to Track, cut and share your energy usage
#iot Serious problem, maybe hard to monetize

@adku 3/4
Behavior targeting with real time data analytics to optimize adds
#another promize. Need to see results

@eggcartell 3/4
Social mobile commerce platform (craigslist + ebay + yahoo groups) by
just taking pictures with your mobile phone. Leverage your social
graph to sell something
Mobile payment, geo support,
- 1000 users after 9 weeks

@alltrails 2/4
Recommendation platform for outdoor activities

@curated 3/4
Collect and organize real-time news into topics
#globumbus tracking ?

@rollCall 2/4
Mobile app to organize casuall get togethers
Signup for beta at

@Mopub 3/4
Mobile ad server, helping app developers to monetize their apps
- not fundraising yet


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