Thursday, March 25, 2010

9 pitches from PACT @plugandplaytc

#namedepot 2/4
SAAS to Detect and protect brand names

#soundOfMotion 2/4
Mobile Apps for sports
Like powermeter with bluetooth heart beat control

#bserious 3/4
Social game company like zynga with a purpose
Play educate and change the world
Looking for 300k

#mvia 2/4
Mobile Money transfer
Mobile wallet

#appAround 1/4
Sync solution between different platforms
Looking for 7m ??
Italien team
The winner of PACT 2010 are: mvia -sms money, volta energy -semiconductor, a-volute - 3d audio technology #startup @plugandplaytc

Crowdsourcing problem solving marketplace

#3d sound company 1/4
Technology for new generation of audio
France team

#mobidigger 2/4
Somain service for mobile phones
German team

#sunplugged 1/4
b2b manufacture
Austrian team

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