Wednesday, March 24, 2010

6/25 startup pitches on demoday @ycombinator #yc #angel #startup

Mertado, Movity, Newcope, Embedster, Optimizeley, Tweetflow

#embedster 2/4
video monetization (pre-roll ads) for youtube videos
cpm monetization (hard to sell)
team of 2
> candidate for applicationstore @zanox

#newcope 2/4
auction platform for virtual goods for virtual goods (prices going up in realtime)
team of 2 from netherlands

#tweetflow 2/4
custom twitter websites as SAAS model
wholefoods customer example
integrates pictures and videos, seo optimized, statistics, analytics

#optimizezly 1/4
SAAS A/B testing for websites

#mertado 3/4
social commerce, facebook app -> like groupon or letsbuyit
want to become the QVC of facebook

#movity 2/4
relocation service on google maps -> like trulia

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