Wednesday, March 24, 2010

19/25 startup pitches on demoday @ycombinator #yc #angel #startup

#Greplin 4/4
full text search for all your personal cloud data
facebook, gmail, facebook, twitter, linkedin, ....
team of 1

#dataMarketplace 4/4
find, buy and sell data on one marketplace
monetization based on data selling on #crowdsourcing
team of 2

#notifo 4/4
mobile notification system, like RSS
consolidates all notifications and pushes to your cellphone
integrate it in your aquarium and get notifications if the
team of 1

#etacts 3/4
individual CRM - like xobni for gmail
who you care, who you should follow-up, remember me, if i dont get an answer notify me
gmail plugin + iphone app
team of 2

#500friends 3/4
social ecommerce, recommendations in social networks
social rewards (get a coupon if you tweet this offer)
#tracking of social actions
team of 2

#infoharmoni 3/4
analytics of twitter data
find your influencers
team of 2
> candidate for applicationstore @zanox
#tracking of social actions

#embedly 3/4
embedly embeds everything
embeds replace links on the web
monetization 50 times better then banner ads (50$ per 1000 views)
team of 2
> candidate for applicationstore @zanox

#nowmov 2/4
new TV/video experience like easy lean-back - like autoplay for youtube
team of 3

#zencoder 2/4
online video encoding SAAS
like youtube for web and mobile devices
team of 3

#LaunchHear 2/4
introduces top bloggers with unreleased products
team of 2

#zenedy 2/4
mass producing of content
monetizing based on google ranking -> like aufemini

#newslabs 1/4
monetization and seo for editors like adnetworks for blogger

#140bBETS 2/4
sms games, sports game bets
#tweetbracket (first game)
40k visitors in 4 days

#fabricly 2/4
online marketplace for clothes manufacturing -> like alibaba

#answerly 2/4
Q&A search
vertical search engine
monetize websearch
team of 2

#crocodoc 2/4
SAAS collaboration platform to edit documents easy - a new adobe
team of 3

#chromaom 2/4, 1mio color paterns, UGC
team of 3

#gamador 2/4
social games
quick to play, skill based, short to play
140.000 daily active user
monetization with virtual goods
team of 2

#seeingInteractive 1/4
save newspapers with whitelabel yelp > dont got it?

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