Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Summary bitcoin startups meetup betahaus berlin #daily notes #ufostart

About 50 attendees

1) 10 bitcoin predictions for 2014:
1 Security - hardware wallets
2 Fiat Bottleneck - easier access to bitcoins via ATM's
3 Mining industry - manufactories getting build for mining
4 Regulatory confusion - every country will try to regulate
5 Payment system - new infrastr like bitpay, coinkite etc
6 Institutional investors - will heavyly invest
7 Anonymity - darkWallet
8 Layer on top - protoshares, colored coins, ethereum, mastercoin
9 developing world - to send and spend money
10 (my view) Bitcoin will become the economical fundament of the internet. Every email, every click, every content and action will have a bitcoin price and becomes chargeable!

Qllect - intro to colored coins
Asset/value store
Platform (tec soft network)

!!! A colored coin represents a stock in a company or a gram of gold
or a US Dollar. Which could avoid the regulation !!!

3) !!!
Depot for bitcoin and a stockexchange

4) Drupal using bitcoin as alternative to bitpay
Easy Payment solution
Without fees

Johann Barbie
Finger protocol
Uses your email address as your bitcoin wallet

6) 37coins .com - A global wallet based on feature phones
Its using bitfinger
Launched 10 days ago

#a myTodos - Blockchain startup for digital goods and art, setup for @paulhessler

Digital media art fair in munich this weekend +Sandra Rauch

Met Micha Hoffmann - +Lars Schulze

Setup bitcoin ATM's in Berlin Munich Hamburg Frankfurt etc @paulhessler +Paul Hessler

Whitelabel rippl for every startup to replace their captable and IPO them from day1 #UFOstart

Bitcoin payment solution for clicks, posts, emails, likes, shares, #UFOstart

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