Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Summary bitcoin startup meetup #5: $10k btc price, DAC's the new cloud companies @betahaus #daily notes

#Price prediction: $10.000 BTC before 11/29/14

#cold a startup incubator in berlin about Cold Storage.Cold wallets: offline, paper wallets

#DACs - Decentralized autonomous corporations.Colored coins, mastercoins, etc
- Get rid of people and implement it to code.
- No central authority 
- Decentralized capacity to think, hold capital and do transactions.
- Have shareholders, pay dividends, hire people engage with public.

#Use cases:
- self stabilizing currency- pay per use - is an easy and automateable use case for- contracts of domains: if free and fee ok, then register and pay.

#Realtime exchange rates for btc Api for developers for 165 currencies !!

#a BXB berlin local btc exchange fair
#a checkout bitcoinbrothers as investment opportunity for btc mining
#a blog podcast slides at:

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