Sunday, January 29, 2012

Startup weekend SJ 16 pitches #daily notes #swsj

My notes and votes >2 I would probably invest:

@mySTfair 3/4 - Winner by the Startup Weekend judge!
Product watchlist to wait for a price drop
Browser plugin to set a price alert
Got 3$ funding
#crowdsourcing groupon 3/4
Twitter app for realtime hashtag group chat rooms

@NightingaleRx 2/4
Multiple medication made easy
First product: ebook
Next product: ipad app

@TrollBlock 3/4
Social network based on eliminations (unfriend and dislike)
Building a negative social graph
- unique
Raising 100k

@fishbowl 3/4
Networking solution, talk to right people, followup, realtime
95% people fail to follow up

@trambo 3/4
Mobile app for city tours with marketplace
-sounds like gowalla

@sellatscale 2/4
Outsorcing of fullfilment for ecommerce offers
Order drop handling automated
- smal feature, even real problem for smal market

@pledgeHealth 2/4
Health hub with motivation system

@PointsFlyer 2/4
Fly for free, just by signing up with several credit cards
Interesting affiliate model
- smal niche

@salesqualia 2/4
Improve sales performance
Evaluate sales call quality if calls are recorded
- great feature for salesforce, hard to sell direct to big corporates

@mhired 2/4
Hirering solution via social networks
- Copycat of branchout,, 2/4
Replace restaurant pagers with your phonenumber
Opentable with "your table is ready" sms
- nice idea, hard to scall with smb restaurants

@livelife 2/4
Activity planing with facebook app 2/4
Mobile app for short product reviews

@nexus 1/4
real estate marketplace for retail stores
- where is te problem, existing solutions cant solve?

Corporate social responsebility

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