Tuesday, January 24, 2012

E245 - Stanford Entrepreneurship #daily notes

#Value prop - Ann Minura-Ko
What is the problem for each target group?
User, buyer, recommender, decision maker

What are customers doing today?

How to test value prop hypotheses?

- core problem for customer
- features to learn from early users

#Customer Segmentation -

Inventor of the business model canvas

What is a customer?
If you compete with the value proposition, then it is a customer.
Example google users are their customer, even id they dont pay.

Empathy maps: simple customer profiler
1) what does he see in his environment?
2) hear from others
3) mind (worries,
4) what he Says about

Think about what job does a product do for its customers!

Mapping jobs
To find product market fit

#Steve Blank
The final post is here:–-the-final-presentations/

You can read the entire series here:

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