Thursday, March 24, 2011

SF venture summit summary with @GuyKawasaki @naval @davemcclure #daily notes #SFVentureSummit


@Naval Ravikant
More seed
Valuations go up
50 business plans a day
Recruting talents is the most critical success factor
A good exit needs 5-10 years, there are no short cuts

#panel - VC shifting paradigms
107 investments up to today
Dramatic cheaper distribution, with new platforms like: fb, twitter,
youtube, iphone, ipad,
Will do 100 deals per year
Get your users to pay
Next exit candidates are Nike, P&G etc
500k-1m (super angels)
Lead/syndicate Series A from 500k to 3m
Second market is a paradigm shift because founders and employees can
get liquidity without exit
Break 5-10 million revenue and everybody wants you
VC industry is shrinking by 2/3, less funds and smaler fund sizes,
angels are growing

#panel - social ventures
@wesselke @patrickGleeson @gautambarna @drewclark
>Most boring panel. I hope this dosnt reflect the industry.

#panel - delivering good
Companies are bought, not sold.
Take out all friction from your business

#panel - going global
Investments in Silicon Valley have double size of Europe
To get money, your headquarter needs to be in the valley
If you hire engeneers here, you compete with facebook
Have your HQ here but your team abroad
@ Don Wood -
DFJ investing in china and cleantech
Big companies got started by 20 year old
Valley is overheated regarding valuations
Laptop is the new factory
Most great comps started with litle capital

Buy his new book enchantment !!!

500k rounds on 10-15% 3-5 x exits are ok?
500startups Demoday april 7th
Zoosk mechanic for match making?
We don't work with as.. companies (listen, fun)
Only deal with startups who openly share
Business plan structure with crowdsourced services
Pitches to all our targets
First features: apply with an idea, recommend an idea
Watch never say never from justin bieber to learn marketing
(recommendation from guy kawasaki)

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