Friday, April 30, 2010

Wisdom 2.0 conference #wisdom2conf

wisdom 2.0 conference

First Panel - Managing the Stream in a connected World
@Sacca @SorenG #RoshiJoanHalifax @GregPass @BradleyHorowitz @SorenG
@MeganPallai - Blockles: Multiplayer tetris version , where you have to do 40 things at the same time
CTO Greg Pass: Twitter principles 1) pay attention to what ur doing 2) be a force for good #wisdom2conf
Chris Sacca: after removing all distractions (drive, workout etc), only really get stuff done 1-1.5 hrs/ day.
Google has "no meetings Thursday" - amazing how stuff they get done on Thursdays! Chris Sacco #wisdom2conf /via @kanter // LOVE IT!
@jhalifax "the most precious thing I have to give is my presence"-
@sacca philosphy: "staying on offense", as opposed to reacting all day to one's email inbox a public to do list.
You could live your whole life in your inbox and never get anything done" - @sacca #wisdom2conf

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