Monday, April 26, 2010

Summary of #FutureOfMoney summit on: #crowdFunding #newBanking #mobilePayments #virtualGoods #financeTechnology

The Future of Money & Technology Summit
#FutureOfMoney - conference San Francisco about #crowdFunding #newBanking #mobilePayments #virtualCurrencies #socialCapital
26.4.2010 hotel kabuki SF

Whats the next innovation in finance after ebay and paypal?
>We still pay with paper and plastic, no exciting innovations at all.
Financial crisis is not over yet.
> Stronger regulations and no new models making it even worst.
Why is there no banking revolution in the Valley?
> Lendingclub and kiva could not become the next big thing. Maybe mint, blippy and facebook credits addressing a real customer need.
Why most mobile payment examples are from unbanked people?
> Is there no market need in the developed world?

#VirtualGoods and Markets panel
@PhilRosedale #Lindenlabs
@BillTai #Charles River Ventures
@Vikas Gupta #social gold
@GurbakshChahal #gwallet
@DannyShader #kwedit
#"You don't want to be a poker chip without a casino." On creating new virtual economies/currencies.
#social exposure helps protect against casual fraud
#ILindenlab (second life) annual currency market is more that $700 million
#big topic "Facebook credits" - fraud is their biggest concern before launch

#Funding panel
@steveSchultz - Venrock (moderator)
@BhavaniRana - Intel Capital
@Christine Herron - First Round Capital
@JeffClavier - SoftTech VC
@konatbone TravasKalanick - entrepreneur, angel investor
#Do you see crowdFunding as a future competitor?
not seen yet, they still ask us for money, interesting, could fund we never would fund,
why not
#Angelsoft invested the same ammount of money like VCs did.
#Summary of VC market end of April 2010 "liquidity is amazing and deals are happening fast" Hooray! VCs are investing again!
#Avg person has relationships with 11 financial institutions - no wonder it's so hard to manage.
#Success of blippy is their good PR coverage because of their controverse model.
#Jeff clavier: cost of acquiring an unbanked customer is $50
#Perspective from funding panel: each market is very different in compliance terms. global scaling is much more challenging
#What are your criterieas in A-rounds?
- nice people, exciting ideas (Angel)
- track record of the team (VCs)

#Liquidity panel
@BenParr, #mashable - moderator
@JeremySmith, #secondmarket
@GregBrogger, #Sharespost
@DaveMcClure, #FoundersFund
IPO market will never return to the place where it was.
Time to founder cash has gotten too long.

#DemoSession - on new technologies
#BillingRevolution @AndyKleitsch - mobile payment system
#HomeAccount @MarkGoldstein - mortgage comparison platform
>lead generation landing page and affiliate model
#plasticJungle @GaryBriggs - sell giftcards you dont want
> Why do we buy giftcards, to sell them later for 50% of the original price?
#shwowp @TaraHunt - customer focused ecommerce (forward your shopping data via email to  comment on it)
> I dont get it before they launch it. Right now doing it on facebook.
#pageonce @GuyGoldstein - consolidated finance overview like mint + blippy
>They should allow sharing like blippy to get more user attention.
#a register and check it out
#enole @KurtCollins - zapcash: bluetooth ewallet with paypal on iphone
>just a paypal transaction on iphone. where is the innovation?
#blingNation @WencesCasares - RFID mobile wallet
> its gonna be hard to distribute a proprietary hardware to everybody
#expensify @DavidBarrett - create expense reports on your iphone
> blippy and mint just got funding and make the same issue more fun

#Compliance Issues - Will Voorhess, Silicon Valley Bank
money business is in the highest risk class of the high risk businesses
make sure: identity of your customers, security of transactions, controls about fraud, dont deal with terrorists etc.,

#new banking models panel
Laura hertzfeld -
@bruce cahan - GoodBank
@Arno hesse - bernal bucks (german guy)
virtual currency ecosystem (pagerank 2)
"Financial crisis is not over"
@John bates -
online game platform, 3D virtual world, virtual currency,
@Rob garcia
Lending club started 2007 very slow
Easy to use for everybody
facebook was not good for finance topics
banks will not go away
3needs: where is my money, better returns, transparent transactions

#mobile payments panel
@menekseGencer (moderator, she runs a #a linkedin group of moderator about mobile payment)
@billBarhydt - m-via
@redgSnodgrass - alcatel
@ronHirason - boku
#biggest challenges: carrier rates, sincerity is market ready to change, financial regulations, safety issues
# to many companoies try to sell tech instead of solving real problems (bonus cards,
# looks like mobile payments right now are only a topic for unbanked people in afrika, india etc.
#Single most imporant customer feedback - appreciation for simplicity.

Sponsors 1/2 of #futureofmoney @m-via @secondmarket @expensify @paypal @transfs @billshrink @mpayy @plasticjungle @pageonce
Sponsors 2/2 of #futureofmoney @socialgold @bling @collecta @mashable @ReadWriteWeb @BillingRevolution

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