Tuesday, February 23, 2010

23 Tipps from @loic to replace your marketing and sales with social media

(He gave this tipps during his keynote on Stanford Entrepreneurship week 2010)
1 find an empty niche, to become the world leader
2 listen to social networks: if there is nothing about you, you don't exist
3 answer every reaction
4 focus on negative feedback
5 engage 24h a day (with real people)
6 be transparent (also with negative feedback)
7 group feedback with tools like seesmic and voting
8 be agile as you create the product
9 change priorities often
10 don't forget to innovate
11 create presence on social networks
12 create content and share
13 identify your best fans and engage them
14 create your own social network for your tribe
15 love you users, give presents, features, events, exclusive to them
16 help them share about your brand (provide them with stickers, logos, etc)
17 be on every platform
18 use social network internally
19 support by partnering
20 show us real people (faces of your team)
21 use videos
22 create value to share
23 be patient (it takes years)

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