Sunday, April 17, 2016

Berlin Startup Academy summary and votes 1st session #daily notes

iCombine 2/4
Competitor analysis? Linkedin, silp
Do you know the market? 

ProjectTogether 2/4
Community problem solving app
Like betterplace, schlagloecher, donations, funding, voting, ... Hundreds of causes
No specific problem nor customer segment 
Competitor analysis!

Polygem 2/4
Collaborative Music making app 
Needs to do competitor analyzis
There are many apps out there

Ocolin Solutions 3/4
Johann Barbie
Smart contracts for regulated processes
Pitch to technically
Why not on btc blockchain?
Dont start with platform
Focus on one use case you have access
Not a pitch, a lecture

RealPD 1/4
Real estate project management
To many things, no focus
Typical solution without a problem

Swapp 1/4
Energy Price comparison
To much text
Didnt Understand the problem
Customer Value?
Why should I?
App for comparison?

-time keeper
-clear agenda
-Instant feedback in google spreadsheet from each group member
-Start always with a lecture on a topic to give clear guidiance
-logo on every pitch slide

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