Thursday, March 5, 2015

Summary and notes of #bitcoinconf Berlin 2015 #daily


#keynote @ChrisOdom Founder Monetas
Bitcoin is a black swan
Banks are facing a uber-type situation with bitcoin.
Gold, salt, tabacco, bitcoin

#Colored Coins by @coinprism @FlavienCharlon Founder
Colored coins in practice:
Add second value to btc
Store any asset on btc blockchain
Take minimum amount of btc to store and transport other assets

Use cases: 
IPO, goldcoin, loyalty oints, 
smart properties (colored coin wallet works as a car key)
Revenue share

Send assets around the world
Low fees
Secured by btc blockchain
No need to buy alt-coin like ripple, nxt, bitshares, ethereum etc.
Mastercoin and counterparty are using different protocols
Colored Coins are based on the openassets protocol:

#demo Issue your own colored coin with coinprism:
Setup your own coin within minutes
Direct sale feature 
Crowd sale feature to run your own marketplace to sell your coins
Voting feature based on (proof of ownership)

#Future of Money @Ferdinando1970 Ametrano
Btc usage is flat over the last 3 years
Non-discretionary hayek money

#Blockchain use cases @PeterKirby @Factom
Everyone talks about the blockchain revolution, but where are the examples?
Factom offers a platform to set
I.e. Uber for shipping containers

#SoundWallet cold storage @TheoGoodman
Store your private key on vinyl or a CD in an audio file

#Education JeremyGardner @Augur @disruptepreneur
CCN college cryptocurrency network
Generation Blockchain
This apps will make btc not suck: Bitwage, xendit, augur, bitpesa

Mafia showed up

My todos:
1 check monetas to setup colored coins
2 followup and maybe invest in coinprism
3 check out factom crownsale at coinify
4 @Paul checkout CCN college cryptocurrency network, introduced by Jeremy Gardner boost alumni
5 check Bitwage, xendit, augur, bitpesa
6 satoshis last will film - check funding with

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