Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Summary and notes of #bitcoinconf vegas 2014


#investing with btc derivates
@MattSlater ceo @
Why derivates with bitcoins?
Huge market size
Contract between two people that derives its value.
Risk management 
Price discovery
Elminitating Volatility
Sign of mature asset class

Btc derivatives Platforms:

#security with multisig
@Eric Lombrozo ceo ciphrex

#currency is fraud
@Andrew Filipowsky - ceo silkroad equity
Bitcoin is the biggest opportunity on earth you could imagine.
FED's and central banks are all fraud.
It will be a bloody revolution to replace this banks with bitcoins.

Books to understand currencies:
The web of debt.
The creature of Jeakle

#disruption of industries
@Raphael Paulin Daigle, @rpaulindaigle founder ducatflow
Why Bitcoin?
1) Financial (time, fees, cash you can email, decentral, 546B$ market)
2) Transfer of propety (time, fees, secure)
3) Media (tipping, monetization, money is validation, donating, micropayment, no checkouts)

#bitshares decentral platform 
@DanielLarimer founder
Btc is about transparency of the ledger.
Btc Isn't money
Btc are the pioneers of freedom,
Decentralized mining cant be profitable

btc as Ledger of a virtual company
The rise of proof of stake (voting) within last 12 month.
Btc needs to pivot

Bitshares presents a new currency:
BitUSD pays as variable YIELD
Interest rates
Without of risks like rippl, counterparty or IOU
The goal of decentralization is maximize competition.

#SelfRegulation of btc industry
@MarcBarach, cmo jumio

#Multi-Sig vs Cold storage
@Will O Brien ceo BitGo
2014 is the year of multisig
Only 0,83% of btc is stored yet in multisig.
MS will bring security to the btc industry and should be embraced by all players!
Multi-sig providers may become the new banks.
MS could be organized centralized with trustees like bitgo or decentralized

Multi-Sig = 3 partys are involved, keys start with "3"

#BTC 2.0 decentralization
@J Bradley Hall ceo icon

Decentralized Platforms:
Bitmessage - p2p email

Icon - digital bear bonds:
Rgal assets
Stocks, bonds
Financial contracts

#Casinos on bitcoin
@BryanCooley CEO virtual empire
Bitcoin gambling already saturated and ultra competitive
High cheating

#a checkout betting btc games:
Updown - betting on courses
RPSLS - rock paper sisor
Fishbitfish - Red fish green fish

Day1 --------------------------
#decentralized stock market

#merchants for bitcoin @SteveBeauregard gocoin ceo
Big names are nice for btc but useless for customers.

Real Drivers for using btc:
Privacy needed
Rejected paymend methods
High fees
Cycles of use

#Investing in bitcoin panel
Charles W Allen
Bastian Brand
Justin o Connell
Matthew Roszak
Harry Yeh
Michael Terpin

OTC swaps

#Rise of bitcoin industry
@bobbyclee ceo btc china
Price will not come down to zero
Btc Price impacts: mining, gold price, dollar price, traders
Btc 0,60 compared to gold 1000 or stocks 7500 per head / global
Price end of 2014 still could go to 10k (prediction from last year) but unlikely

Looking ahead:
More merchants
Traditional finance
Consolidation M&A
Technology into unrelated areas
Concerns will be addressed
Secure storage

Bitcoin Foundation:
#a sponsor with globumbus
Vision: everyone to Realize btc potential
Mission: standardize, protect, promote

#Future of Altcoins panel
Kirill Gourov
Steven Michaels
Gabriel Miron
Bryce Weiner
Stanislav Wolf
Peter C Earle

Millions of Altcoins coming
There are no altcoins who could catchup with btc right now, because of missing critical mass of community. Dodge was an exception which is hard to explain.
Miners are the most difficult asset to start a new coin.
Altcoins had an negative impact on bitcoins, because it costs attention.

#oportunity of bitcoin

#Revolution of bitcoin

What is bitcoin? 
-Public ledger!
-Security without locks, policy, trust.

Revolutions are slow and take time.
DNA turns biology into science
Bitcoin is DNA for money!
Goverments will try to regulate bitcoin, but bitcoin will regulate goverments.

#a my todos
Btc derivatives Platforms
Checkout qBitUSD of bitshares
Invest into maidsafe, follow up with bradley
Ask daniel to become an delegate of bitshares and run a miner
Followup with Eddie for peertracks Europe / Germany / Berlin mentors
Signup on btc social network
Buy counterparty xcp - decentral platform btc payment solution like bitpay as subscription no transaction fees multisig api for developers like bitgo
Checkout btc betting games (list above)
SkyHook open ATM project - build annbtc atm for 400$ blockchain for wikileaks @JosephFiscella

Talk to startups from last berlin meetup and intro to platforms like counterparty, ethereum etc. to decentralize and btcfund their projects.

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