Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Summary Heureka 2014 #hrk14 #daily notes

Heureka 2014


#Berlin TXL the next urban tech republic to build smarter cities

#Katie Rae @ktrae #techstars 2/4
Have a good story, why are you doing this?
Team should sit in the same boat.
Advocates are fundamentaly important.

#Sales Kung Fu - Steli Efti 4/4
Sales is the reality check!!
Sell Benefits not Features! (Personal agenda)
Balance vision and reality (dont oversell)
The "Elephant" is your friend (address issues)
Selling to wrong customer will kill your startup.
Structure sales emails
Send much more emails
Automate emails
Send a "good bye email" after 3 followups
Call everyone within 5 mins after he signed up!
Demo max of 15mins
Always leave your comfort zone to make an impression
Followup as long as you get a clear yes or no
Follow-up = winning!!

#Bitcoin - future of money @brian fabian crain 3/4
DAC's infrastructure and examples:
Stockexchange, Ebay, dropbox (maidsafe), ...

Startup ideas for bitcoins:
Wallets exchanges derivatives remittance atm mining compliance crowdfunding coloredcoins paymentProcessing blockchainAnalysis

#Storytelling @OleTillmann 1/4
"Learn to fall and fall to learn"
How storytelling makes you an expert in your field.

#become a data driven company @Florian Heinemann 
Why is it important to have a data driven company?:
Better decision qulity
High frequency decisions
Decentral decisions
Positive motivation for team
Reducing room politics in companies (kill meeting decisions)

How to achieve?
implement  processes and systems early
Move in phases and build silos to combine later
1) Orga: BI guys in each department, strong backing by management
2) Infrastructure: avoid data silos
3) People: have an BI architect expert
4) Culture: less wrong is the new right, content beats ego (be strict on personel)!

#a todos
newsletter Epicenterbitcoins
Bitcoin Workshop 31.5.2014
Story for ufostart
Data driven 

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