Thursday, November 7, 2013

Summary pitches #sbcDemoDay @Flux @Chatlingual @foodzai @1SDK #daily notes

My notes and votes out of 4 points. > 2 means I'm potentially interested

@Flux 3/4
Like nimble

@Chatlingual 3/4
Real time chat translation for customer support crm or service

@High-Mobility 2/4
Connected cars platform to connect existing cars via your smartphone

@achieved 2/4
Employee education and learning platform

@foodzai 3/4
Social receipes and p2p food selling

@avuxi 2/4
Big data for locations

@avuba 2/4
Online Banking via api

@1SDK 3/4
Cloud service saas api for
In app revenue with behaviorbased pricing

@shoutrnet 2/4
P2p wifi network and file transfer 
IOT internet of things

@reccy 2/4
Airbnb for film and photographer locations
Marketplace with subscription model

@BabyWatch 2/4
Heartbeat Sensor mobile app for
Remote diagnosis
Prenatel care, community, tracking data
Runkeeper and jawbone for pregnancy
Sold 100k on indiegogo

Thomas Hessler
Dad | CEO | Founder @UFOstart @Globumbus @zanox | Angel Investor 

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