Monday, April 2, 2012

Startupism 2012 summary #daily notes

#Panel - mobile monetization
@gregoryKennedy inmobi
@marioTapia - getJar appstore
@michaelBayle - espn mobile
@tanTmangraksat - mobclix
@peterFarago - flurry
@edwardMarks - inedible software
Start with mobile web to discover app platform strategy
Nothing beats word of mouth
For every dollar on iOS you will get 24cents on android
Buy new users with the money you earned on selling your app.
Monetize your mobile app with consumers or corporations.

#keynote @PhilMcKinney

The power of questions:
Don't stop with the first answer.
Ask questions you can not answer right now.
Killer questions force you to start discover before answer

Innovation is a skill anybody can learn.
1 Focus
search for opportunities
Challenge your assumptions (what if the opposite is true)
2 Ideation
Killer ideas from killer questions
Who? What? How?
3 Ranking
Will it Change?: -customer experience, -competitive positioning,
-Economics, your contribution? Generates margin?
4 Execution

Ideas without execution are a hobby
Talk to customers first
Innovate with a portfolio: (Focus on your core competency, Innovate via M& A)
Tell stories and put the person you talk to in the middle of the story.

#todo - book "Beyond the obvious"

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