Friday, December 2, 2011

Design conference Warmgun summary 2011 #daily notes #warmgundesign

240 investments with 500startups today

#designing for disaster
@veen ceo typekit

#design decisions
#Unintentional Design: happens if the team is not focused on the user.
#self designing: we,re designing for ourselves. - when we are solving
our own problem. But make sure to use your own product every day!
#genius design: use an expert from your industry
#activity focused design: follow the features
#experience focused design
Every design has his purposem
Know your style
Use the same style for the whole project
Make sure the whole team uses same style.
The more advanced, the more expensive.
Agencies can't go beyond genius design - do it yourself
Activity and experience design - do it yourself
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#future of design founders
#a His book on kickstarter

#how to sell design to engineers?
@Rebecca Bortman designer youtube
Understand what people need
Never let the engineers see you pick a color, keep myst
Don't design things, design value
Be super funny ;)

#design for disruption (change behavior)
Kids don't eat Marshmallow example
Amazon increase speed 100ms sales 10%
Round Speed arrow motivates to slow down
-Give realtime feedback (speed feedback on streets)
-social feedback
-Fast music to slow down

#design for mobile speed
@tjzark instagram
No one wants to wait, while they wait
1) Perform actions optimisticly
2) Adaptively pre loading
3) Move bits if nobody is watching
Give feedback before ttyou execute the operation
Only load what the user is looking and skip realtime (focus on user spot)
Start operations before user clicks enter

#designing with content / microcopy
Microcopy = kind of context help
= personifies software
#Answer open questions, make users Feel loved, make users loyal, use
appropriate tone, don't repeat
#Mailchimp is doing nice user dialogs with its monkey
#good examples:

#designing with data
Data matter more then design for infographics

#UX makes look fat?
@clevergirl ceo luxr
Lean UX:
Get happy about launching crap
Ugly is just fine
Your opinion is a hypothsis
Make it perfect when you have evidence
=make the right product and then make the product right

#todos design studio in SF
Microcopy for ufostart
Check for big data

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