Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Summary of pitches from #foundershowcase @topicmarks #daily notes

TheFunded FounderShowcase spring 2011

@GeorgeZachary - keynote
Everybody is starving for engeniers
Starvation is the best motivator of focus
AngelList is disruptive model - one company/day funded
What makes great Ceo? "A leader who excites tem through vision and
specifies focus and clarity."
Bubble? Money easy to get, no engineers, high stock market, marketijg
from investors.

@klickfu 2/4
Casual games for desktop
Looking for 400k
>Needs to be distributed and installed local, no social leverage, missing mobile

@visutalk 2/4
Facetime for business
Open architecture
Existing customer using his product
Looking for 100k
>Another video conferencing solution

@heyPublisher 2/4
Itunes for written words
Looking for 200k
>No way to monetize content without an disruptive idea

@letslunch 3/4
Give us a lunch slot and well match you with great people. Dating
service for business people.
Looking for 350k
Invitation code: showcase
Business model: 20$ per month
>Smal market

@topicmarks 4/4 (winner)
Automatic Text summarizing in the cloud
Coop with evernote
Looking for 250k
>If this works, its a killer app

@mosoro 3/4
Developer platform for smartphones and IOT
Connecting toys
Looking for 500k
#internet of things with blue tooth

@Cipherpoint 2/4
Security solution for collaboration systems like sharepoint
Looking for 500k
>Sceptical. Security can't fix wikileaks

@fatminds 3/4
Marketplace for education
Looking for 500k for marketing
>Missing social part, high competition

@wholeshare 3/4
Group buying for food coop
Save 20% at buying food
Delivery into the garage of group leader
Business model 8%
Looking for 250k

@bookbrewer 2/4
Ebook publishing
Wordpress for ebooks
First whitelabel Customer: borders
Looking for 400k
>Smal market

#a check out this services: instant realtime survey saas
@lawpivot crowdsourced quora for lawyer questions

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