Tuesday, November 17, 2009

web2expo NY09 notes - Do what you do best. Link to the rest. #w2e

#w2e NY 2009
#what happens next? Jeff Jarvis
Life is a beta (careers, marriages, kids)
Process over product
(Openess leads to collaboration)
End of mass production
The best is the enemie of the good.
Beta lifestyle
#a what would google do (book)

#enterprise mashing, oren michels
Open your api
Pay attention to potential risks
Good examples: bestbuy, netflix

#Chris Brogan mayor of twitter
#Caterina Fake, hunch, flickr founder

40mio users
Digg add, user feedback increases add price
Don't hire PR do it yourself, hack the press
Release early and often
Prototypes are cheap to build
Local: gorilla foursquare
#a blog of kevin rose

Internet war, not open to the world
Web20: building internet operating system
Don't just open up because you're the underdog.
Do the right thing. You will gratify the people and astonish the rest. Mark twain Jeff Jarvis
If you can't make it, fake it.

#murder as a way to win, Nilofer merchant
Murderboarding strategy:
Framework for making tough decisions:
-With wisdom of any/many
-Dosnt get diluted
-Clear decision at the end

-decide what matters

#Collaborative problem solving is GOOD
(Engagement, resilient solutions, brains knowing why)
Because, if WE decide together, we will fight together to get it!

#How to?
-Park, don't kill
-Avoid antibodies (love or leave it)
-Pronouncing death (publish what you killed)
-Make it fun by making it end (clear timeline)
-Cloaking devices

#The 5 whuffie factors, Tara Hunt
Forget social media marketing strategy!
Think people/customer
-centric (not yourself),
-happiness (make your own choice, effective)
-influencers/enthusiasts care about your enthusiasts
#a book: Down and out in the magic kingdom. - No money in the future insted whuffie
Slides at slideshare

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