Thursday, October 29, 2009

#twitter meetup - apps for twitter

Here some short notes about the first twitter meetup I attend at
hacker dojo last night.
My summary about this in one sentece: The valley is now developing
apps based on twitter traffic and content like hell.
This will become a new universum, regarding realtime- content and
interaction, because now you can react on customer needs or buying
decisions in realtime. So its the right time to think about
monetization of this and cpa is the right currency, using There is real potential for the next killer

#twitter meetup
Hashtag: #Tmeetup

Connecting your digital activity
Like friendfeed and allows you filtering and auto posting by topics in
different channels

Realtime Hotel queries via tweets and RT

Shrina patel
Fotosharing on twitter like tweetpic plus community features and editing

Twitter tool for sharing, search, review and sharing like tweetdeck,
but much more

Automatic direct messages for followers and tweets like price comparison

#140h.Me Hashtag tracker
lawrence sinclair
Collects all hashtags and offers in realtime a url for this under
hashtag plus a wiki page. So everybody can contribute to the same
hashtag to setup up a hashtag-ipedia

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