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web2expo 2009 in a nutshell - The power of less #w2e

Web2expo 2009 - "The power of less"

+++ "What's coming html developments?" +++
Category: Web development tools
-Canvas: for browser graphic apps
-fast java script: dramatic faster
-web workers: doing things in the browser backround
-desktop integration: cutting edge desktop/web link

Example developer tools:
-Ms Silverlight, adobe flash, apple cocoa, sun javaFx
-Open Web Platform: home, documentation, dashboard, directory and roadmap for developers
-Firebug: mozilla environment for developers
-safari: (like firebug)
-chrome (only fiew tools)
-Yui: yahoo framework
-Blueprint: cross browser styling framework
-ms super preview
-thunderhead: grid based layouts from mozilla
-atlas: future web apps
-open web tools: there are hundreds, check out on: open web tools directory
>Thinking of starting, iterate or improve something? - Start today!

+++ "The Lean startup"- Eric Ries +++
Category: Strategy and business models
Startup #1
Good startup? Plan, vision, best team, well organized - but failed! (40mm lost)
Shadow beliefs:
-we know what customers want
-we can predict the future
-advancing the plan is progress

Startup #2 (Imvu)
No plan
-Shipped product in 6 month (horribly buggy beta)
-charged from day one!
-shipped multiple times a day (50 times a day)
-no pr, no launch (focus on customer needs)
-results: 10mm dollars in 2007
-Commodity technology stack
-Customer development
#a book recommendation

Product development
Old: waterfall process from requirement to mainten.
New: Agile - experiment/feedback/experiment (picture) =customer development + extrem programming
Minimize the total time through the loop:
Ideas - code - data - ideas - code ...

How to builld a LeanStartup
(Learn- code- measure- faster)
-continous deployment (severals a day)
-Tell a good change from bad change quickly
-revert a bad change quickly
-work in small batches (large batch 3 day work)
-break large projects into small batches
-run tests locally
-continuous integration server (buildbot)
-incremental deploy
-alerting and predictive monitoring
-fix problems from customers
-a/b testing is key to validating
-make it simple and measurable and auditable for everyone
-asl why five times when something unexpected happens
-make proportional investments in prevention
-behind every technical problem is usually a human problem. Fix the cause, not the symptom

+++ "Situation normal, everything must change." - Simon wardley, ´+++
-Shift: from Innovation, bespoke, products, to services
-Componentisation is the right strategy (focus on your core competency)
-Cloud computing is the future
-Examples of the shift: amazon ec2, google apps, salesforce, Ubuntu: operation system based on cloud computing (from canonical)

+++ "CRM with Facebook" - clara shih +++
Category: Fundamentals
New solutions with facebook connect:
#a Facebook + salesforce
#a book recommendation:
Facebook ad campaigns to people
Appirio: facebook recruiting tool (employee recomm.)
Customer service: salesforce with twitter

+++ "Its the people, stupid" - Deborah Schulz +++
Category: Marketing and communication
Join, not interrupt people
Be a part of the community
Help users participate
Stay for some value
Love you give, you get back
>Experiment, listen, rinse, repeat

-Thradless fotos on t-shirts
-Moo business cards with your flickr fotos on the back

+++ General +++
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